Vessel Safety Check Examiners Course

How do I become a Vessel Safety Check Examiner?


VSC Certification is open to any squadron member who completes the course and passes the exam.  The course manual and a helpful Power Point presentation are below as well as a Coast Guard Workshop ppt.  Study all and reach out to our VSC chairman, Charlie Virga, to arrange to take the test online.


We need more examiners. We invite you to become one.

Steps to becoming a VSC Examiner:

1. Read the VSC Manual

2. Review the VSC Power Point

3. Review the Coast Guard VE Workshop Power Point

4. Take the VSC Practice Test

5. Contact Charlie Virga ( to schedule the online test

6. Pass the test - Congratulations! You are now a VSC Examiner! 

Step 5

VSC Practice Test

Step 4

Coast Guard VE Workshop pdf Review

VSC Power Point (PDF) Review

VSC Manual

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

VSC Power Point (Paddle Craft)

Step 6

Contact Charlie Virga to schedule taking the test.