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The Captree Memorial  Scholarship Fund


On August 27, 2021, Jerry received Captree's Distinguished Member Award from Past Commander Carol Johnson, for his contributions to the Squadron the past year.


Jerry, Lt/C Michael Richter and Lt/C Jack Stange at the District 3 Council meeting, fall 2019.


Jerry Cappa

6/10/1953 - 8/28/2021


Jerry gave so much of himself to the Captree Power Squadron. Most recently, Jerry worked with the Education Department to facilitate the teaching of students in boating safety.  Thanks to Jerry, new boaters where able to learn safety by taking Zoom classes taught by Captree's certified instructors. 

The purpose of the Captree Memorial Scholarship Fund is to help students pay for the basic boating safety class referred to as the ABC Boating Class. As a result of Brianna's law passed in NYS in 2019, it is now a requirement that every boat operator take and pass this course by January 1, 2025. Jerry had dedicated much of his time running the PowerPoint presentation alongside the instructor's teaching. Jerry also developed a system whereby the final exams could be taken online and graded instantly. Jerry personally administered every student's final exam in 2021.


Although Jerry preferred to work behind the scenes, he made many contributions to the Captree Power Squadron.  Here  are a few:

- In 2021, Jerry was appointed Advisor to the Commander.

- Jerry created and helped maintain this website.

- Jerry redesigned Captree's logo when we became America's Boating Club.

- Jerry volunteered to work our boating safety information table in local establishments such as West Marine and Anchorage Yacht Club.

- Jerry redesigned our monthly newsletter, the LOG.

- Jerry ran the technology for the recent ABC boating classes as well as personally administered all final exams.

- Jerry designed our club's clothing line.

Jerry was always there with suggestions how we could improve many facets of our operations.

Jerry, Michael and Jack promoting boating safety at the Anchorage Yacht Club 2019.

may 18 west Marine.JPG

Jerry along with members of the Captree Power Squadron promoting Boating Safety at West Marine, Spring 2019.

Mail your check, payable to 
Captree Power Squadron

c/o Lt/C Frank Verderber, SN

14 Harbor Place

Massapequa, NY 11758

Captree Power Squadron is a 501c3 non-profit organization and the largest boating club in the US with over 27,000 members.

Your donation will benefit local students on Long Island by offsetting a portion of their course fees.

Donate to the Captree Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Jerry Cappa and John LaDez Memorial Scholarship Fund was first created by three families, all cousins of Jerry:

Carol and George Manley

James and Tanja Dixon

Robert and Sharon Dixon

Additional Donors to the  Scholarship Fund:

Bernadette Dvorak

Judith Booth-Richter

Catherine Schultz
Nancy J. McCusker

Vincent & Karen Petersack
Claudia & Gary Jacobson

Michael & Dianne Richter
Jeff & Nancy Paradise
Paul & Barbara Ernst
Lois & William Ernst
Peter Leitch

Thomas & Caroline O'Neill
Gary J. Testa

Catherine Pullo Bilasz
Paul & Frances Pullo
Michael Panopoulos
Robert Ernst
Joan Walsh
Nancy Graham Smith
Julie & John Murphy
Barbara & Keith Schwam
Adrienne & Lazarus Camesas
Susan McFarlane Allan
Carol & Gene Johnson
Jack Stange
Mary Ann Juliano
John & Julie Murphy
Alan & Shelly Pearlstein
Ed & Cathy Starling
Frank & Kathy Verderber
John & Karen Cappa
Regina & Russell Goehring
James Cloonan & Theresa McNamara
John & Dawn Carroll
Walter & Pamela Seale
Carol Ann & R. J. Miller
Pete & Rossie Teresco
Bob & Judy Silz
William J. Madson III
Charlie & Madelyn Virga
Eileen & Guy Dicosola
Bob & Katie Fisher
Lorraine Pelligrino Doughty
Michael & Kathleen DiFabio
Stephanie Vitols
Marla Mudd
Marianthe & Jimmy Gavalas
Mrs. Cheever Porter     Foundation, Inc.

Tom & Pam Zimmer
Marguerite & Dennis Ude
Carol & Gene Johnson
Georgianna & Joseph   Smolenski et. al.
James LaDez
Cathy & Ed Starling
Bob & Judy Silz
Frank & Kathy Verderber

Peter & Linda Ude
Michael & Dianne Richter
Bruce & Ellen Leicher
Garry Biggs


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