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Elective Courses


Six Elective Courses are offered by ABC, Captree.


They cover separate and independent topics and therefore may be taken in any order according to a member’s interests and time. 

•    Engine Maintenance covers the operating principles and basic care and maintenance of outboard and inboard engines, including diesels.

•    Marine Electrical Systems covers installation and maintenance of both boat electrical systems (AC and DC) and marine electronics (VHF radio, radar, GPS, etc.).

•    Cruise Planning covers topics of interest for someone planning a cruise –whether for just a weekend or for a year – including preparation and planning, anchoring, security, chartering, and cruising outside the US.

•    Weather covers weather forecasting and reading weather patterns on-board.

•    Sail covers everything from the basic elements of how a sailboat works to sail trim, rig tuning, and sailboat racing.

•    Instructor Development teaches effective communication skills for not only USPS instructors but everyone. It covers various methods of presenting information to others and the effective use of audiovisual aids (including Pow-er Point).

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